Wells Run Quiz Results

Alongside the navigation on the recent Wells Run entrants could also take part in a simple quiz. This involved answering questions that coincided with tulip diagrams or at landmarks along the route. There were also a number of pictures, the locations of which had to be identified. There was a possible top score of 39 and the highest score was 38, achieved by five crews. Prizes were awarded to three crews who were drawn at random from the top scores. The results from the answer sheets handed in were as follows.

38 points
1, Colin Charnock & Charles de Garston
2, Gill Dalton and 
3, Ian & Brenda Haines
Also on 38 points
Matt & Charlotte Haines
Nick & Lucy Woollett
37 points
David & Helen Brenchley
Jenny & Richard Haines
36 points
Katie Redhead & Matt Weeks
Russ & Mel Beeson
30 points
John Fowler & Chris Mills
? Hunters (sorry can’t work out who you are!)
28 points
Paul Beeson & Bob Ellis
27 points
Gary Wood & Sharon Plummer
David & Christine Balderson
16 points
Michelle & Rebecca Haines



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