A message from the Chairman

Good afternoon all – please see below for a message from the Chairman of TWMC:
Today would have been the Club’s AGM and in these very uncertain times I do not feel like even suggesting a date in the future when it might take place. However I would like to assure you all that the Club is still in a healthy position and is poised to resume activities as soon as we receive the green light from Motorsport UK, our governing body. Obviously our season has been seriously curtailed and it will be difficult to squeeze in too many extra events and we will have to cooperate with other local Clubs so that we don’t overload the calendar, but we will do the very best we can to fulfil at least part of our calendar.
Now for the “C” word, I feel that there are very few words to add to those already being said by many people more qualified than I. We listen to the daily bulletin some days and feel totally mystified by the inane questions put to our Countries’ leaders by the so called reporters. Whatever your political leaning our parliamentary ministers are facing something that in peace time they have never had to face before. It’s very easy to criticize but how many of us would make the right decisions in those circumstances.
Enough of this. I am also communicating with you all to wish you well and trust that we are making the very best of a very difficult situation. Some of you are key workers, huge thanks for that, many working from home, others furloughed and some laid off with very little income. However you are placed I wish you and your families well.
My heartfelt thanks to all NHS staff and all those key workers in whatever capacity, who are making sure that we are all fed and watered. Sadly one of the paramedics we use at Goodwood has been taken by this killer virus. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
Please stay safe follow the guidelines and let’s look forward to better times ahead and being able to follow our hobbies again.
With kindest regards
Norman Redhead

Tunbridge Wells Motor Club
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